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Masterclass & Coaching

Book (currently only available in German, the English version will follow ... )

Physioboe is a new, unconventional concept that represents the transfer of my initial concept "physiotherapy for musicians" (and further "physio- and mental coaching for musicians") to the specifics of the oboe. It combines science with empiricism and was created through the symbiosis of my three professions as an oboist, physiotherapist and alternative practitioner for psychotherapy. It offers a way to connect body, mind and soul with the oboe in a coherent way and opens up new horizons and perspectives. The oboe technique is examined step by step in ten chapters (posture, fingers, thumb, breathing, support, vibrato, sound, articulation, embouchure, movements, expression) from a physiological perspective and an understanding of the connections and effects of physical and psychological factors influencing sound quality, instrumental technique and playing feel.
In the general part, among other things, the oboe is examined from the point of view of musicians' medicine and in the specific part, among other things, the basics of anatomy and music physiology are first addressed. Zen in the art of oboe playing is at the heart of the book, which is completed with coaching topics such as mental coaching and performance coaching. Physioboe serves as an additional compendium to supplement the established oboe pedagogy.

In "Physioboe" Susanne Schlusnus incorporates her decades of experience, on the one hand as an oboist and performing artist, and on the other hand as a practicing physiotherapist. It illuminates central problem areas around oboe playing, shows plausible solutions and thus creates the basis for understanding art and body as an inseparable unit and being able to better use their synergy effects.
A wonderful book and reference work for all those who are looking for answers on this subject

Stefan Schilli
(Principal Oboist of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra & Professor at the University Mozarteum Salzburg)

Interview IDRS-Magazine

Dr. Stephen Caplan interviewed with me in May 2022 on behalf of the International Double Reed Society (IDRS). Stephen is Professor of Oboe at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (USA) and wrote after proofreading the final version of the interview:

"I enjoyed re-reading what you had to say. You're advancing some progressive and needed new approaches to teaching, and I'm excited to share this interview with the larger double reed community!"